BlackGold Volleyball Code of Conduct/Constition



1.1 The name of the organization shall be “BlackGold Volleyball” herein referred to as “Club”.

1.2 The Official Logo of the Club and the representative teams shall be:

1.3 The official colours of the Club shall be Black and Gold.

1.4 Teams may use alternate colours for warm-up attire and or coaching clothing as approved by the executive.


The purpose of BGV is to provide an opportunity for young players to continue to play volleyball at a higher level and to excel in the sport without having to travel to the city for practices. We understand that we are providing a service to you, the players and parents, not the other way around.  This understanding is what drives us to provide the best possible club experience for everyone involved.



2.1 Membership in the Club shall be open to all registered players, head coaches, assistant coaches, and executive members.

2.2 Membership is on an annual basis and the membership year shall be from December 1 to May 31 of the following year.

2.3 The membership fees shall be determined by the end of September of each year.

2.4 Membership of any member of the Club may be suspended or rescinded for just cause by the President. This shall include transgressions of the AVA’s Code of Conduct and no refunds on fees will be granted.

2.7 No member shall utilize the membership telephone/email/mailing directory for solicitation or canvassing of any product or service whatsoever unless authorized by the Executive.

2.8 Contacting players by phone, mail or e-email shall be done on a per team basis by that team’s coach or designate, or by the Executive for the Club mandated issues.


3.1 All coaches must submit a police check to the Club. This cost is at the club’s expense. This must be completed no later than January 31. Coaches who start with the Club after this date must submit a police check no later than 30 days after agreeing to work with a team.

3.2 All coaches must submit to the Club their NCCP number to the Club upon agreeing to coach or assistant coach with a team.

3.3 All coaches must meet the requirements as outlined by the Alberta Volleyball Association.

3.4 All coaches must abide by the code of conduct as outlined by the Alberta Volleyball Association and by this Club. Failure to abide by the code of conduct could result in disciplinary action by the Executive.

3.5 The Executive may discipline coaches and penalties as ruled by the executive shall be respected.

3.6 After team selections are completed, if a coach is considering releasing a player (with no refund) from the team, the coach must adhere to the following guidelines:

i. The Head Coach must let the President know of his/her intentions and course of action. ii. Communication to the player and parent about the concern must be done by the Head Coach in writing via the President. The President will communicate the concern to the player and parent. There will be an opportunity to address the coach’s concerns, within a given time period agreed to by the Head Coach and the President. iii. If the player does not meet the coach’s concerns within the time period, the coach will then release the player immediately. iv. The coach should make every effort to release the player well before the AVA player registration deadline. v. If the player and/or parent do not agree with the process then an appeal process is available through the Executive.


4.1 All players must register in their appropriate age category. In the event no team exists in the athlete’s age category then they may be allowed to move up to the next available age group based on the recommendation of the Coaching Director and approval of the Executive.

4.2 Players must provide a copy of their birth certificate.

4.3 All players must be paid in full before Provincials on any team in the Club unless the president has granted special circumstance.

4.4 All players must abide by the code of conduct as outlined by the Alberta Volleyball Association and by this Club.

4.5 The Executive may discipline players and apply penalties as ruled by the Executive shall be respected.

4.6 Players requesting a release from the Club will be granted such a release.

4.7 Any player, less than 18 years of age, caught intentionally damaging equipment will have their parent/guardian held liable for replacement.

4.8 Any player, who misses two consecutive tournaments or three consecutive practices without notification and/or valid reason, may be removed from a team without refund. The head coach must advise the Executive who will review the circumstances and recommend a course of action.


5.1 Parents are responsible to provide and co-ordinate punctual transportation to and from the practices and all tournaments.

5.2 Parents must represent BlackGold Volleyball in a positive manner.

5.3 Parents must support their son/daughter, team members and coaching staff.

5.4 All parents must abide by the code of conduct as outlined by the Alberta Volleyball Association and by this Club.


6.1 All players must wear the assigned uniform at all exhibition and tournament play.

6.2 All equipment provided by the Club must be treated with care and respect.

6.3 The coaches are responsible to allot appropriate game time to players as required to enhance our ability to provide a positive experience.

6.4 Payment of registration fees does not guarantee playing time on representative teams.

6.5 All teams must run tryouts.

6.6 All teams must carry a minimum of 9 and a maximum of 12 players based on AVA regulations.

6.7 Emergency Call-ups: Players will be allowed to move up a division to play on a team under the following conditions:

i. The coach of the team the player is registered with is notified prior to the player being asked. ii. The coach requesting the move follows AVA guidelines. iii. The coach requesting the move keeps the best interests of the player in mind.

6.8 In the event the there are two teams in the same division of play, players cannot move between teams unless permission is granted from the Executive and all AVA rules are followed.

6.9 In the event teams become short of players due to injuries or any other loss of athletes, the Club may look at athletes from within the club system, or may run a second set of tryouts, inviting the unsuccessful participants of the first tryout and any new attendees.


7.1 Attendance to the National Championships is the decision of the individual teams.

7.2 Funding for such events is the responsibility of each team.