Welcome to BlackGold Volleyball

Update – March 15th, 2020:
The Leduc Recreation Center is now closed until further notice along with the schools. This unfortunately means no practice for any BGV teams. I will keep everyone updated as information becomes available.

There is nothing more important than the health and safety of our players, parents and coaches. To help prevent the spread of Coronavirus, we must:

Wash our hands frequently
Heighten our cleaning practices
Avoid contact with sick people
Stay away from practices and games if we are sick
Don’t travel to high infection rate area

 Here are some simple rules we can follow as a club:

  • coaches should remind players to wash their hands before and after practice
  • all players, coaches and family members who are suffering flu-like symptoms, please stay home and not return until they are symptom free
  • any players who are travelling or have family members travelling outside of North America to please inform their coaches
  • I will monitor all news updates and bulletins to be aware of any heightened requirements
  • I will monitor and follow all Volleyball Alberta and Volleyball Canada advisories regarding all tournaments and Nationals
  • We are also encouraging all players to not share water bottles

Practices will continue for as long as we are allowed into the gyms. If you do not feel safe enough to come to the practice/gym/Recreation Center environment, you do not have to.

Be safe,