The purpose of BGV is to provide an opportunity for young players to continue to play volleyball at a higher level and to excel in the sport without having to travel to the city for practises. We understand that we are providing a service to you, the players and parents, not the other way around.  This understanding is what drives us to provide the best possible club experience for everyone involved. All of our coaches are here as volunteers and they do not get paid for their time. Their focus is to give something back to the game that they have enjoyed and played for years.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can athletes participate in other sports?  Yes, of course. BGV athletes are allowed to play other sports. When you know what team you’re on and receive your practice and competition schedule then you will be able to see any conflicts and make proper arrangements.  We ask that players inform us if they are participating in another sport so we can make that necessary arrangements for their team as a whole if there are going to be conflicts. Some athletes have chosen as a goal to play volleyball at the collegiate level and they must understand that serious training and competition is necessary for a player to reach their potential and possibly achieve their goal.

Is there a tryout fee? Is there a tryout deposit required?  Yes and No.  This year there will be a $20 tryout fee (non-refundable) to cover the cost of the facility. We are assuming if you try-out for BGV you will be playing for BGV. Some athletes will try-out for many different club teams which is great for the athlete and is supported by the BGV. We just ask that you let the coach know that you are trying-out for other clubs to avoid conflicting dates.

How many players are on each team? We will keep the teams to 10 – 12 players. More than 12 makes it hard for the coaches to give playing time and less than 10 could make team short players in case of injury or conflicts.

Do all players get equal playing time? This is a tough question because Volleyball is different from other sports in that it is not a timed game; there are no innings, no quarters or halves to base playing time.  Due to the nature and speed of the game, you cannot judge “time” by rotations or points in volleyball either.  We understand that all players practice so they can play in games.  We strive to give all players “fair” playing time based on practice, ability, attendance, skills, positions, situations, etc. So playing time will not be equal.

How do I register? Online registration is available October 1st by clicking the “Registration” button above and following the instructions.

What is appropriate attire for BGV?
•    Members will be asked to wear BGV or Volleyball Canada/Alberta clothing.
•    Members can wear an appropriate Volleyball/ athletic t-shirt.
•    Appropriate volleyball/athletic shoes must be worn at all times during practice and competition.
•    Tank tops and spaghetti straps are prohibited.
•    Mid riffs must be covered.
•    No jewelry, including watches, earrings, bracelets, necklaces during practice or competition (you may cover piercings with tape)
•    Spandex shorts are permitted but must fully cover the buttocks and underwear.